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Crunchy Roll from YOI: After Hannibal and Before American Gods - we still have to eat!

While we wait for H4NNIBAL and until Spring 17 when American Gods premiers, I've been having a bit of a break from blogging.
Fannibals at NYComicCon gathered to get their Feeding Hannibal cookbooks signed by Bryan Fuller and myself
Ushering the Feeding Hannibal cookbook has kept me busy but when I saw Yuri on Ice, (how could I miss it - my @FeedingHannibal TL is full of YOI) I thought I had better pull together a few recipes so my Fannibals On Ice can have some snacks to take to the rink.

Pork Cutlet Bowl vs Katsu Piroshki

Of course, the Pork Cutlet Bowl is the most important dish in the series (Katsu also means "victory" in Japanese) but Katsu Piroshki is a joyful kind of food that made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Double carbs! Great for figure skaters who need to carbo-load before competitions. Deep-frying! Always improves everything. Baked in bread! What could be bad about that?

The four-hour version: DELICIOUS!

You can make Piroshki Katsu according to the recipe given by Emily Bushman on her YouTube video:  

Her recipe is written out in full here:
This is a really great recipe discovered by my literary agent, Monica Pacheco – and the video makes the instructions clear. I made it and here it is:
Here's the Long Program version. They're quite large - one makes a big lunch.


Vegetarians could substitute sautéed breaded Portobello mushroom slices for the pork and those who don’t eat pork could of course substitute chicken cutlets.
The recipe takes about 4 hours to make start to finish and is well worth the effort.

Well that’s great but it’s the holidays…who has the time to make this????

Feeding Hannibal to the rescue!!! Here’s my quick and easy version:

High Speed Crunchy Rolls
For 4 snack-sized rolls you’ll be eating in under an hour:

First: to the shops for frozen cutlets, ready-to-bake bread dough and cooked sushi rice. OK shuck your own peas if you must...
You could get regular-sized chicken cutlets but I like the smaller size (for snacks that fit in your purse) To speed things up – or if you don’t have sushi rice at home – get a large Take-away order of steamed rice from the your neighbourhood sushi restaurant – and ask for a pack of soy sauce while you’re at it in case you don’t have a bottle of that in your kitchen.
1 pkg crescent roll dough (the kind where you smash the cardboard container and the dough explodes out - making baking fun again)
4 strips frozen breaded chicken “tenders”
1 tsp vegetable oil
2 eggs
1/2 tsp soy sauce
1/3 cup frozen peas
2 cups cooked sushi rice (or Thai Jasmine rice but not Basmati and not Uncle Ben's)

1. Bake chicken according to directions on package.
2. Prepare the egg layer: beat the eggs and soy sauce together in a small bowl and add to hot pan in which you have heated the oil. Over medium heat, stir the eggs as they thicken and add the peas. Continue cooking and stirring until eggs are solidified and slightly dry. Set aside.
3. Chicken should be cooked by now so remove them from the oven, turn the heat down to 350° F and prep the rolls for baking.
4. Tear off a sheet of plastic wrap about 12 inches long and lay on working surface. 

 Onto the plastic wrap, spread a thin layer of rice that is about 1 inch larger than a chicken strip all around. Press firmly with fingers to flatten. Moisten fingers with water to prevent sticking.

 On the rice, spread a layer of egg, top with a chickens strip add another layer of egg and a layer of rice.

Press down with moistened fingers. Bring plastic wrap up around the chicken strip and squeeze together so the rice gets packed firmly around it and it all stays together in a nice little rice-y log.Set rice-wrapped chicken aside and repeat with the remaining 3 chicken strips. 

5. Remove crescent roll dough from package and gently unroll, taking care not to tear the dough into triangles. Separate along the vertical and horizontal perforations into four rectangles. Gently stretch the dough to even out the thickness and to get it to a size and shape that will wrap evenly around the rice-chicken.

5. Remove crescent roll dough from package and gently unroll, taking care not to tear the dough into triangles. Separate along the vertical and horizontal perforations into four rectangles. Gently stretch the dough to even out the thickness and to get it to a size and shape that will wrap evenly around the rice-chicken. 
6. Wrap each rice-chicken  strip in dough and pinch dough to completely enclose the rice-chicken strip. Repair any holes in the dough by pinching dough together. Place on baking sheet seam side down.
7. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Enjoy!!! If you have any Katsu sauce (or HP or 57 sauce) a little squizzle of that would go nicely.
Yes, yummy and in your tummy in under an hour!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday and happy new year full of joy and love and all the good things of the season. 

Thank you Fannibals for embracing my Feeding Hannibal cookbook and making my 2016 so memorable!!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Episode 13: Wrath of the Lamb

Twisted torment of our lives

Swallowed by the lashing sea

Red moon burns the dark of night

Bedelia...have you won
your second chance 
to lose this deadly game of love.


Or perhaps...
In Blake's epic painting of Dante's Inferno, Antaeus lowers Virgil and Dante to the final Ring of Hell. Are Will and Hannibal likewise lowered to safety by the gods for their future amusement?

Blake's painting of Philosopher-Guide and Poet-Seeker being lowered by Antaeus to the 9th Ring of Hell

Or are they poets in love...
Like the inconsolable Percy Bysshe Shelley drowning in a storm in the wild voracious sea by Lerici. Unlike rascally George Gordon Lord Byron who lived a long life or their mutual poetpal the luckless Keats who was too ill to join the fun at Shelley's seaside retreat.

painting of Shelley's funeral pyre where Byron snatched Shelley's burning heart from the flames
Or (cue the hip-swivelling sound track)...
Could they be crack athletes -- like two magnificent Elvises in Blue Hawaii high-diving off cliffs then popping up above the crashing waves much to the shock and awe of all who witness their dare-devilry? Well, maybe only one Elvis - Hannibal probably spent some time diving for pearls or swallows or something off the cliffs of Japan. Can Will even dog-paddle?
Ahh, good old Elvis preparing to cliff dive
 Regardless, as Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest
                          "Nothing of him that doth fade 
                           But doth suffer a sea-change
                           Into something rich and strange."

Behind the cloak of network cancellation, both Will and Hannibal are definitely probably Becoming something Rich(er) and Strange(r) our imaginations.
Shelley's gravestone
And what of Bedelia? 
She’s clearly back on those painkillers or some Hannibal-administered psycho-med. Who is she protecting herself against as she conceals a sharp-tined fork in her palm? Girl does love The Game.

Ms Anderson getting final touches from Katie Brennan for the very last scene as special effects crabby pyro-guy prepares to smoke up my pit-roast leg of Bedelia
Who's cooking legs now?
In my opinion, only Hannibal could make a roast such as that grand fruit and flower garnished kalua-roast leg smouldering on Bedelia’s table. So we know he survived. (After all, my cookbook isn’t out yet and the cooking method and presentation so obviously is something only our Hannibal would know how to execute. Right?)
tying up ti leaves
Size matters.
When we were shooting the final scene, the lovely Richard Armitage came by my prep station with compliments but asked me why I made Gillian's leg so big. He thought her legs were much slimmer. Gillian and I had already discussed it. I apologized that I had to made the roast bigger than her leg so it would have presence on the long table. She modestly said she thought it was pretty close to the actual size of her leg. Not really. She has no idea how tiny she is! 

A bit about roasting the leg:
Like Gideon's "Pinhead" roast leg, Bedelia's leg was made of pork loins stitched together over beef and lamb leg bones. I couldn't think of a special way to prepare it - Bryan had emphasized that he wanted it to be "the most beautiful thing I ever made" which is a pretty tall order. But happily, my brother came up with the idea of pit-roasting it, Kalua style. So I wrapped it in ti leaves, decorated it with tropical fruits and flowers and lay it on a bed of coals -- with ice to represent the Lake of Ice in Dante's Inferno. In the original script, Hannibal was going to slice it so I had to make it open at one end. But in the final script, Bedelia alone was seated for dinner so I had no need to worry about resets and it was a fairly stress-free shoot.

I hope more guests show up - that's 12 lb of pork in there...

There are two guest chairs at Bedelia's dining table. 
So who else is coming for dinner? 

Wow, wouldn't you just love it if Bedelia was meeting the in-laws? Uncle Bowie and Lady Murisaki?

Maybe Will is dead.  
Or has been saved by Jack who was hovering in a nearby helicopter because he was in on it the whole time. So Will is in the hospital. Or is back with Molly giving it one more try.

Or maybe not.
I'm pretty sure Will is alive. As a matter of fact, I think he’s in the kitchen helping Hannibal drain the vegetables. And why? Hasn’t Hannibal always cooked alone? Well he can’t if he’s in a wheelchair! Which still fits with the number of dining room chairs. Will is cooking under Hannibal’s instruction and any minute now, they will emerge. Will pushing Hannibal’s wheelchair and Hannibal cradling the vegetable platter in his lap. Which still leaves a chair for David Bowie or ... Jody Foster!

Oh that's just silly. I guess I should stop my wild speculation. Maybe there are three chairs because the fourth one was moved to make room for the camera dolly. 

We will never know. That is until somebody somewhere somehow saves Hannibal and Bryan gets to tell us another bedtime story.


Fannibals at San Diego ComicCon waving hello!

It's not over til it's over.
In the meantime, Fannibals, keep the flame alive. Email ( me photos or descriptions of your Hannimeals, your thoughts and your funny/sad stories and I’ll post them all here for us to all enjoy. Or tweet a message to me and I'll screen-grab your photos: Janice Poon @FeedingHannibal (Twitter link is at the top of this page).

 FunkoPop custom made (with tiny clay-baked thigh!) by talented sculptor Helen 

We will always have Hannibal if we keep him alive in our Memory Kitchens. So keep on cooking!

Annabel Lecter's brilliant chocolates You can order them from

Just as soon as I figure out who made this Sanguinaccio, I'll caption your name here!

Daniel and his Hannidinner

A close-up of Daniel's lovely Hannibal inspired meal

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Gabriel just tweeted this Saturday before Hannibal's Finale. A sweet bye-bye!

Look! It's Hanni & Will's mask! Just like Beverly's kidney pie.
Way to go, Jodi!